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Real Amazon Experience

Real Amazon Experience

Real Amazon Experience

The Amazon rainforest is huge and intimidating. Tours to the Amazon can provide those with Amazon on their bucket list with a reasonable view of the Amazon but do not give real experience. My first visit to the Amazon in 1998 was of the bucket list variety and left me unsatisfied. Why? Because it was a package tour that provided a flavour of things without real depth. An airconditioned and unsustainable experience.

I moved to live in the Amazon Region in 2001 and decided that tours to the Amazon should provide a flavour of differing eco-cultures as well as providing an understanding of the region - or at least part of it in view of the overall vastness.

Airconditioning can of course be part of the experience, though not my preference, so I ask those wanting to undertake a Real Amazon Experience how rustic they are willing to go! One man's rustic is another man's slum tour but in my view if you want a luxury tour of the Amazon ... stay at home and watch a film about it!

Real Amazon Experience Tours are run in the dry season only (JUL to DEC) though that does not guarantee a rain-free tour. Tours are tailored to suit each group to ensure an unforgettable experience - a Real Amazon Experience.

The Amazon

Over 15 million square miles of land - the largest rainforest on earth.

It has shrunk by over 20% since 1970 (an area the size of California)

Illegal deforestation is taking 2,000 to 3,000 square kilometers of forest per annum.

There are up to 200 species of tree per 10,000 square meters (the size of a football pitch)

Lifeform diversity estimated as follows:

- 2,500 species of trees

- 40,000 species of plants

- 2,500,000 species of insects

- 7,500 species of butterflies

- 20% of the worlds 10,000 species of birds

- 30% of the world's flora and fauna

Rainwater gives rise to this region accounting for 20% of the world's fresh water. There are over 1,100 tributaries of the Amazon River of which 17 exceed 1,600 kms in length.

RAE Tours

7 to 14 days

2 eco-systems

Boats, camps, guides and local travel included.

Day and night tours as well as a night sleeping in the jungle.

See local people, indigenous groups, birds, insects, animals and reptiles ..... and trees!

Experience local foods

Be aware. I am the owner of Real Amazon Experience tours and am also the sole author of article written about Real Amazon Experience tours. Articles written by others using the Real Amazon Experience banner that are NOT in my name will not be experienced in these tours or, worse, may offer tours that are not authentic or of value and will certainly mislead the reader.

For more info: email alan@alansskyrme.com

Real Amazon Experience
By Alan Skyrme
Print Book, 28 Pages

This book provides a taste of what to expect on one of his Real Amazon Experience tours. www.blurb.co.uk/b/7540029-real-amazon-experience


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