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About Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme is a freelance professional photographer and writer.

His commercial photography is focused on food (including tropical fruit) and travel. A small number of his latest commercial images are contained on this site, together with a link to his commercial websites.

Artworks produced by Alan have won, or been nominated for, awards / prizes on several occasions over the last 15 years. His latest works are available for sale via this site.

Having travelled extensively (from birth!) he has amassed a significant collection of short stories and travel articles that are available for sale.

To commission Alan for creative projects, image and/or narrative, please email via the "Contact" page. 


The Fine Art images on this site are available as Limited Edition prints unless indicated otherwise.

The Commercial images on this site represent the current portfolio of sample commercial images.

If the images here are not quite what you are looking for, contact me. I probably have something that will match, or can produce to order!

For more information about Alan Skyrme Photography or Alan Skyrme, email secretary@shootcandids.com

nb - the image on the "splash" (ie site entrance) page of this gallery is: Sohar Fort, Oman

Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to you joining my client group.

Alan Skyrme

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